Respect for privacy is fundamental to our vision. Our privacy statement sets out how we handle personal information in accordance with the requirements of the Privacy Act and other laws which protect the privacy of individuals.

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Communication and transaction security

Secure communication and transaction security over the Internet is of paramount importance to Medinexus as well as to Health Professionals and patients. For this reason, our Internet security system that provides robust authentication and privacy has been based on extensive research by our data security experts.

Encryption of information between the user and Medinexus is provided by industry-standard 128-bit SSL encryption technology – the same security standard utilised by most banks in Australia in connecting with their internet banking customers.

In addition to this advanced cryptographic technology, sophisticated firewall systems are in place to help to protect our internal systems and patient information against intrusion from the Internet.

Data Security

The very nature of digital clinical reports is associated with ease of alteration. This can be a concern to both health providers and patients.

Medinexus recognise the importance of data security and has developed a system based on sophisticated cryptographic algorithms which is able to detect any changes to a digitally signed documents and/or associated images.

In the unlikely scenario that Medinexus' multilayered security structure was compromised and a document altered, that document would be immediately and automatically repudiated by our system and no longer be available for viewing. Thus data security operates on more levels and is far more comprehensive than with any paper-based system.

In addition, Medinexus utilises high-level authentication methods to verify the identity of health providers signing reports. This makes it virtually impossible for individuals to pose as health providers and create clinical documents using our system.

In addition to the above Medinexus utilises PKI infrastructure and HeSA certificates or other compliant certificates to ensure referrers that reports are in fact digitally signed by the appropriate specialist.

Patient Privacy

Respect for privacy is fundamental to our vision and paramount to Medinexus in providing the Medinexus product suite.

Medinexus’ software engineers have employed the latest security measures to ensure clinical documents are only made available to the intended recipients.

Extensive business process analysis to ensure that patient privacy is protected has been carried out. The system complies with the principles of the Federal Privacy Act 1998 and the NSW Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 (or HRIP Act) which protects the privacy of health information.