About Medinexus

Medinexus was established in 2004 and today is an industry leader in making diagnostic reports and images easily accessible to both the referring doctor and the patient from most clinical systems, web browsers, or via apps on tablet or smart device - no matter where they are.

Our vision is to improve communications between diagnostic providers and their referrers and patient through a secure and reliable platform that is simple to use and engenders loyalty between the provider and the people they serve.

Medinexus, a wholly owned subsidiary of Telstra Health provides services to over 265 sending sites and over 30,000 referring doctors.

About Telstra Health

The way healthcare is delivered is changing. Telstra Health is embracing that change by building solutions designed to transform how the health system connects.

Regardless of the role you play - patient or practitioner, provider or government - our goal is the same; we want to make health care easier for you through innovative and disruptive technology so you can live a longer and healthier life.

We want to increase convenience, lower costs, provide new choices and deliver a better experience. We want to make healthcare simpler.

That’s why we’ve invested in digital health solutions across the health system- including for GPs, aged and residential care, hospitals, radiology and pathology, pharmacy, indigenous care, health analytics and telemedicine.

And we’re connecting those services to empower patients in their own health, free health professionals from paperwork, make all that medical data meaningful and create a single record for a person’s medical history.

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