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The Medinexus solution is Australia’s only full managed secure ehealth messaging solution for the Radiology and Pathology sector that integrates the delivery of diagnostic reports and images so that they are accessible to referring practitioners whether they wish to access them from the patient record of their clinical system, from a web browser, tablet or mobile phone.

In most cases there is no need for the referrer to login to view images making it simple and efficient for referrers to view images.

Patients are also able to access their reports and images via a web browser if the diagnostic services provider allows them to. Radiology referrers have a choice of whether to view just the key images or the full Dicom set of images using a fully integrated zero foot print Dicom viewer.

Medinexus works with all the leading messaging vendors in Australia so there is no need for referrers to change things at their end to view reports and images. Utilising industry standards we are able to integrate with virtually any RIS, LIS, HIS and PACs making our service available to virtually all diagnostic service providers. We already have over 190 sending sites and over 28,000 referring practitioners on the system.

The system also allows these practitioners to collaborate with each other by being able to forward reports and images to each other.

Medinexus provides services to both the public and private sector, specialist and GP referrers as well as allied health referrers.

If you need to provide your referrers with easy access to reports and images via their clinical system, web browser or mobile device then please call us and we can arrange an online or face to face demonstration of the solution.

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